Capture. Utilisation. Storage.

Partly for sheer brevity, partly for its specificity, and partly because it’s easier to remember, the name of the Carbon Capture Awards embraces all aspects of carbon capture, sequestration, utilization and storage.

Gone are the days of mediocre capture efficiency. The claims are for ever improving 70-95% efficiency across the range of processes and technologies now available to the wide world of industry. The global Carbon Capture Awards have been established to recognise and celebrate success in carbon capture, utilization and storage, and applaud innovation and excellence.

In the knowledge that entries will be received from around the world, the plan is to enhance the value to anyone attending the Awards event by positioning it on the evening of the Carbon Capture Conference, scheduled for September 10 on the Warwick University campus in the UK. The Carbon Capture Awards’ occasion will be both a brilliant networking mixer after the Conference and a memorable celebration of the Finalists and Winners of the Awards

Entries open: October 1

Entries close: February 28 2025

Awards ceremony: September 10



3 Gold Awards