There are 22 categories to enter and win, including the three gold awards:


Category awards

Direct Air Capture (DAC, including liquid DAC)
Microorganism- or Enzyme-based Solutions
Solvent Capture Processes
Post Combustion Capture
Carbon Capture from Waste Flue Gases
Off-shore Storage Solutions
On-shore Storage Solutions
Integrated Storage Solutions
New Products from Waste CO2
Separation and Compression Processes
Transport Solutions
Innovation in Components, Materials and Testing Solutions
CO2 Utilisation for Industrial Applications
Innovation in Combustion Technologies
Academic Research & Development Initiatives
Partnership Initiatives
Skills Recruitment and Learning & Development
Climate Change Mitigation Initiatives
Start-up Company


Gold awards

Outstanding Individual (gold award)
Outstanding Project, Initiative or Technological Innovation
Outstanding Company (gold award)

Entries close: May 31

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